Free passes to “Darwin’s Brave New World” – Ridge Theatre, October 28th, 7pm to 9pm Oops. All gone.

Unfortunately, all tickets have now been picked up.

Courtesy of the David Suzuki Foundation (thanks Elois!), we’ve got about 50 or so free passes to the premiere of “Darwin’s Brave New World.”

Featuring a superb cast and commentators including David Suzuki, Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond and Iain McCalman, this is the story of how four young voyagers changed our world – forever. The epic adventures of Charles Darwin, Joseph Hooker, Thomas Huxley and Alfred Russel Wallace would revolutionise science, turn society on its head and give birth to an extraordinary theory.

Anyway, the premiere is playing at the Ridge (3131 Arbutus St), October 28th, 7pm to 9pm.

Passes can be picked up on the office door of David Ng (Rm 305, Michael Smith Building (next to the UBC Bookstore) – look for the envelope. Note this office door can only be accessed until about 4pm each day, as the building will lock down thereafter As well, please only pick up passes if you know you can attend.

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