The Age of Stupid

Imagine it’s 2055, and well, we’ve basically messed up with the whole Climate Change thing. Sort of let it be, and then watch the world around us change. What would you, in 2055, as an older citizen of the Earth think? How would you look back? What would you be thinking? Well, that’s part of the premise of a movie being screened at the UBC Norm on the 14th of October at 3pm.

Here’s the trailer:

The Age of Stupid Global Premiere Trailer from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

Anyway, looks pretty interesting overall, and it’s also gotten a lot of strong reviews. More details can be found here, but for those of you not lured by this thing we call Facebook, here is what it basically says:

The Age of Stupid
With Guest Speaker Jodie Martinson, Maker of “To the Tar Sands”
Wednesday, October 14th at 3 | Norm Theatre
Suggested donation 2-5 dollars

Jodie Martinson is the Director and Producer of To The Tar Sands, a documentary that follows a group of young environmental activists north across Alberta to learn about the impacts of the tar sands–on bike! She has a BA in Environment Stu asters of Journalism student at UBC.

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