Climate Seminar! Geological Carbon Storage: Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project

There is a seminar this afternoon that should be prove to be very interesting.  Ben Rostrom will be presenting “Geological Storage of Carbon on a Large Scale: the IEA-GHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project.”  This monitoring and storage project is a world’s first in serious research on the carbon capture in geological stores. The project area is unprecedented, covering an area roughly 200km by 200km.  Furthermore, it has a unique Canadian angle – the project is located in Saskatchewan!  Beyond the shear scale and locaility, geological means of carbon sequestration offers a potentially efficient yet contentious means mitigating climate change.  Wiki lists a number of criticisms and risks associated with this type of geoengineering here.

Anyway, go check out the talk: 4:00pm in AERL 120 (map)

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