Stephen Lewis, this is why we love you.

Terry* readers, Stephen Lewis is daring you to do something for AIDS in Africa.

And who doesn’t love a good challenge?

You can find more details here (at the wonderful project site titled “A Dare To Remember”), but in summary, the idea is to think up an exciting dare (could be funny, could be sporty, could be bold-really up to the wonders of your imagination), make a fundraising goal, let friends/family/random people in your residence/the postperson know about your glorious plan, and then direct them to your personalised page to send in pledges in support of the people in Africa you’re assisting through your actions. The actual dares will occur from October 17-25th 2009. You can work alone or in a team.

I love this quote from the site:

“Every day in Africa, women, men and children are pushed to their limits.

This is your chance to stand in solidarity with them and do something to challenge yourself: participate in a triathlon, play a violin concerto in public, or live off the grid for a week!

What a delightful project! Terry* readers: suggestions for a dare worthy goal?

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