Mandela’s Day Is July 18th

This morning I noticed a tweet by Idealist about Mandela’s Day, which is on July 18th, and celebrates Nelson’s Mandela’s 91st birthday this year. I was going to just re post it on our own twitter account (you did know we had one right?) but thought this was something that warrants blog attention too.

There is a great article here on Idealist, that describes the day in greater detail. What intrigued me the most however, and I wanted to spotlight here, is the call to volunteer and commit time on the day of Mandela’s birthday to better the lives of others.  The tagline for the event is:

Mr. Mandela has spent 67 years making the world a better place.

We’re asking you for 67 minutes.

Towards this end, on the Mandela’s Day website, there is an interactive wall where you can put you own handprint up, make a film, and describe how you’re to spend your 67 minutes.

Up for the challenge terry readers? Visit the site, and do leave a comment here about you’re making your community/world a more beneficial place.

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