Three thoughts…

So… it’s been a long hiatus since I’ve posted. I’ve been checking back though, and reminding myself why I appreciate Terry.  I could take out my checklist (interesting and relevant content, global and local viewpoints, occasional debate, great writing, a solid background story to the site in general, etc).  However, I also appreciate the updates by the faithful bloggers.  Which is why I’m dipping my toe back in.

As is my way, I don’t deal so much in issues as much as tidbits.  So here are three thoughts from yours truly.

1. “Use a donkey until you can get a horse”. 

That’s a atrocious translation of a Chinese idiom my mother said to me.  See, I’m majoring in IR, yet have no real passion for neither day-to-day politics, nor hard economics.  Questionable, I think.  I really do have scruples for taking someone’s spot in the program who are sure of their future.  I used to be really interested in the field, than indecision set in.  No shocker for the students out there.  Good ol’ mom just said to go with what you got…in her strange way.  I wonder how this philosphy would work if applied to other stuff…

2.   “Interesting, Bikram (as in Bikram yoga) was a person”.

Not so enlightening, but distracting while I sweated my way through the last class of a two week trial.  Determination and physical flexibility are not my strengths.  Though I like the way Indian gurus are ‘in’ in our culture, whatever implications that may have.

3. “I love that things happen.”

Yes, I can disappear off the face of this earth and the news of the world will be the same. A certain famous ‘king’ plus some other celebrities would still be dead, Iran election still scandalous, Calgary Stampede still here (see below post), North Korea still not so friendly… When I think about being bipolar (which I am) it makes me feel better that whether I’m high and low, the world is always on its comforting sine(ish) graph.


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