Opportunity: Interested in campus development? Check out Utown Leaders.

Interested in issues of campus development? Want to get your voice heard? The Utown Leaders program might be a good fit. The program focuses on engaging more students who would like to influence campus development, and even if you can’t volunteer for the program, the first training session sounds intriguing- it’ll be a thorough presentation on the University Town and its link to student life.

As said by the good folks putting this project together: If you decide to volunteer, you will join a group of talented student leaders that will shape the future of community building, property planning and developments on campus. Volunteering will be a great opportunity for emerging leaders to manage their own engagement project from start to finish.

Date details: The workshop will be on June 24th from 6-8pm. Send your e-mail address to bijan@bijan.ca if you can attend.

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