Opportunity: Climate Change Conference

A lot of our postings on the Terry site discuss the issue of climate change. It is certainly a topic that is important and has mobilized the youth in this country and at UBC. Here is a great chance to attend an international conference on climate change with other students from around the world brought to you by Go Global.

Call for Nominations

U21 Summer School, July 13 to 24, 2009, University of Queensland

Climate Change Adaptation

Go Global is proud to announce a unique opportunity for six students to attend the Universitas 21 Summer School at the University of Queensland, Australia.

About the program:

The annual Summer School of U21 is a rare chance for students from 14 countries to join together to explore a current and globally relevant topic in depth. The Summer School offers the opportunity for students to work together and draw on the collective experience of academic staff from the U21 network. Students will engage in a range of practical activities, workshops, dialogue-building sessions, research exercises and field trips.

The theme of this year’s program is Climate Change Adaptation www.universitas21.com/summer.html

*Please note that this program is not a credit-bearing opportunity.

Program Dates: July 13 – 24, 2009

Program Award:

Successful candidates will be awarded a special International Learning Award of $3,000. Students will use the award towards the following costs:

· U21 Summer School Program fee: AUD$1,000 (approx. CAD$850). Program fee includes ground transportation (including field trips), accommodation, and meals

· Return flight Vancouver- Brisbane (approx. CAD$2150).

Eligibility Requirements:

· Nomination by a UBC Faculty member

· Demonstrated commitment to sustainability (academically or otherwise)

· Full-time undergraduate status at UBC

· Strong academic record

· Demonstrated ability or demonstrated potential to actively engage in participatory workshops

Application Details:

All applications must include the following documents:

· Faculty member letter of support outlining student suitability (500 words max.)

· Statement from the candidate about why he or she should be considered (500 words max.)

· Candidate’s resume or CV

· Candidate’s UBC Academic Record (print out from the SISC is sufficient)

Applications dropped off no later than Thursday, May 28 at 4:30 pm to:

Go Global

1783 West Mall (International House)

If there are any questions about the conference or your application. Please don’t hesitate to contact Maryse Zeidler, the communications coordinator for the Go Global Program. Her info can be found in the UBC Directory.

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