Your humble professors hit the newstands…

Allen and Dave might be too modest to point out their interview about Terry and ASIC in this week’s Westender, so I’ll do it (link):

And contrary to the traditional idea that high academic achievement makes for a more enlightened individual, the Terry Project suggests otherwise. “You always get the sense that it’s the people that aren’t getting 100 per cent that have really found a place,” says Ng. “That’s something that’s hard to find when you’re young. That’s what an institution like UBC should be about. There’s all the nuts and bolts of getting your degree… but, more than anything, you’re hoping you’ll build that network and, from that network, you will find something that you are.”

“There’s nothing more satisfying as a university professor than when you see a student that maybe at first was a bit directionless, then, one day, suddenly that spark goes off and this big flame leaps out and they’re off,” Sens adds. “You can just tell that we have ignition. They’re on their way.”

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  1. J.J.S. Boyce

    The little tidbits I hear about the course and larger cross-curricular initiative that inspired this Web Site, the sorrier I am that I’m no longer a student, and never did attend the UBC. Still, it’s nice to visit and participate here, simply as a web denizen. You don’t have to be a current student to benefit from initiatives in the halls of higher education.

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