Blah. I was reminiscing not long ago with an American friend of mine over how it felt when Bush beat out Gore back in 2001, and it soon became clear that facts didn’t matter. From foreign policy to education to science, it was all about his personal beliefs and his gut.

The US had become a write-off in terms of doing its necessary part in an age of global crisis. Now Obama is pulling as close to a 180 as he can manage, my friend south of the border is elated, and I’ve been feeling like my own country has been stuck in a rut for several years now, when what we need is to be proactive global citizens.

Harper, supposedly an economist, doesn’t respect scientific data, because he brushes off global warming and green development, and our science head is a chiropractor and an idiot. I wonder if he even “believes” in vaccines.

Why the recent dearth of competent leadership in our country? Is there something wrong with the democratic process when a country of 30 million offers up a handful of national candidates, and we have to attempt to choose the lesser evil?