Oh, Opportunities…

Do you read your UBC mass emails?

If you’re like many students I know, you keep your interchange account specifically to avoid these UBC “notices” (and those sign-up lists for clubs/organisations in the SUB).  The world of gmail, hotmail, yahoo and msn are just so much more appealing.  Better colours and better layout.  However, those emails do have important information.  Not always, but it’s been known to happen.

Anyway, if you didn’t get or if you ignored this recent email.  Here’s a quick snippet.

International Service Learning
Interested in global issues? ISL allows you to connect your studies with real-life experience through international volunteer placements in Uganda, Rwanda, Swaziland, Mexico and Costa Rica.
Term I deadline: April 10, 2009
Term II deadline: June 26, 2009

Student Exchange, Study and Research Abroad
Imagine studying Mayan civilizations in Mexico, learning French in France, or completing research in Singapore.
Round 3 application deadline: May 15, 2009*

I’ve tried to apply to Go Global several times – always stopping just short of the final step (either the ‘confirm’ button or the $100 application fee).  There have been reasons over the years: sickness, forgetfulness, fear, rationalizations.  Excuses really.  But I’ll make another bold attempt this Spring.  Because I don’t feel like a global citizen, despite have lived in three different countries.  Maybe because I like to humour myself.  But primarily because I’d like to do something cool but also beneficial (for me, for the world, take your pick).

I probably shouldn’t be inviting more competition but I think there’s something to be said for opportunities.  Whether or not we seize them.

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Tiffany is twenty and a citizen of two and a third countries. She is firmly unscientific in her thoughts, preferring the arts even though she got better grades in science during high school. She is not exactly sure what she's doing at UBC (it must needs do with learning, growing?) but there she is. IR and French are her focus- but then again she is sort of unfocused in general.