Jailor Man

litbonanza.jpgI am caged behind these bars,
These ones in front of me,
Wishing to get out.
Wishing to break out.
Wishing to feel free.
But freedom, my friends,
It’s not so easy,
Doesn’t come by me
Like natural song breaking entry.

When you’re black, when you’re gay,
When you’re feeling like
Your own body is the jail
O jailor man. Let me free?

I look in the mirror and jailor man is none other than me
Captive in this thing, this thing my own body cavity.
I fill you barely with wrenching soul
Wringing hands to somehow be wrung free.

How is it I can not break you
Like the way you break me?
Shattered glass on gravel pavement,
Naked foot stepping down,
Cut, rip, slash, pool of blood,
O jailor man, let me free?

You lie so still in skull of mine
And O how fierce revenge consume my spine,
I will get you out! I will throw you out!
Crash you, burn you, break you, hurt you
Like you have done me.

O jailor man, Jailor man let me,
Let me, be me,
Problems not be problems,
Pain not be my self inflicted pain.
Let who and what I have become
Just let it be.

Let me fly jailor man,
Fly over that gay coloured pride rainbow
That you will never let me see,
That you take, and block and rip
Into shreds like some sort of sorcery
Like the golden cross of Christianity
That burns me upon a stake,
Never shall I sleep without but one eye wake,
Waking up to the very same
That thinks that I be all fool, all freak,
Someone who deserves no rights
No sights of happiness,
The future bliss to be
Alludes me.

O jailor man, let me free!
Into that world where I am me,
Me to be great, to be greater than the greatest of free.

Jailor man, I cannot rip you apart,
You part of me, my own physicality,
Embodiment of my emotional –
O Baby!
Jailor man my Baby,
Take me out of your insanity,
Take me out of my insanity.

O jailor man, let me be.
Let me break this prison cell
You and just me have made for free.
From my vulnerability, insecurity,
I’m going to insanity,
Going, going, going and gone.
Absolutely crazy,
Within myself.

Breaking me apart
You play the music of insanity.
That insanity that has worked –
And is –
– From within me.

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Phillip Chen is a first year Commerce student. He is currently taking a Creative Writing class which rocks his socks off.