(2008) What Education Will Look Like in Ten Years Time: Andre Malan

What education will look like in ten years time: Andre Malan from terrytalks on Vimeo.

Name: Andre Malan

Talk Title: “What education will look like in ten years time.”

Notes: Faculty of Science, Computer Science, 3rd year.
Web Developer, UBC Office of Learning Technology.

Topic: I would like to talk about the potential for technology to change the way that education works, specifically at the University level. This will take off where Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk leaves off with his message that school needs to change. I will briefly talk about why we need to change then expand into what is being done at the moment to produce that change, what needs to be done and what the results will (hopefully) be. I will draw on the wisdom of a wide variety of educational technologists as well as a sprinkling of ideas from past TED talks.

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