DNA-Radio: The Human Bod-Cast

Do you get bored with Top-40 radio, or the same 500 songs you’ve been listening to for months on your iPod? Ever feel like what you’d really like to be listening to is a robotic voice reading off all the known base-pairs of the human genome? Well now you can! The same people who produced the fascinating DNA-Rainbow have a new project, DNA-Radio, which streams the sounds of the human genome 24/7. At the rate at which it reads it will take about 23.5 years to complete. Listen to the exciting live action here!

This is one of a number of projects which have sprung up recently to turn the human genome into art. Companies such as DNA 11 offer to sequence your DNA to produce unique personalized wall hangings. There is much artistic potential in the code which creates human life. Perhaps next someone should try and write a short story using only the 4 letters of the genome…

Or not.

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