I strongly agree, I think the question “why are we here?”, “will university education somehow lead to a better world?” are essential for what we are currently doing here and what we will get out of our time at UBC. I have asked myself that very same question, and thought about a lot too. However, I have come to look at the answer differently.

I believe that what we will ultimately gain from our univerity experience is almost entirely up to oneself. What we will have done, what we will have accoplished, is really up to oneself. This even applies to “the knowledge-that-shall-never-be-used”. I agree, some courses may seem practically useless in your field of studying, or intended major, and maybe it is. But the point is to focus your energy on what really is going to matter for you in then end.

UBC is such a hub for connections and information sources in any field of study, opportunities for volunteering, event planning, and work experience, a place for clubs to offer meaningful insight in their area of interest, engaging workshops, and many other opportunities. UBC is an excellent window of opportunity for whatever you choose to do. It is all in your hands to use it for your own pursuits and goals, for your area of studying/interest.

In the end, you just gotta be smart! UBC, like many other universities offer something that you cannot access or be part of if you do not attend secondary eduction. So it is your own task, responsibility to make the most out of it, and don’t just get stuck behind a desk studying something you feel is “less” meaningful/interesting.