Braaaains. Fish Braaaains.

When I was a kid, I wanted a see-through gameboy.  My rich friends had one, so of course I begged for it.  My parent’s being the cheap, unloving people (read: responsible and awesome) they were, I received no such toy.  When I began using calculators in middle school, I wanted a see-through one.  Surely my parents could not deny me such a wonderful device, with its transparent case housing its inner electronic workings.  It was a truly divine tool of learning.  Nuts, of course I didn’t get it.

My obsession did not end with electronics.  I thought it would be cool (and useful) to be able to see the inner workings of people by a non-invasive means.  Sure, you could put your ear to someone’s stomach right after they’ve eaten and hear the inner grumblings and murmors and fluid swishing about, but this is hardly a suitable surrogate for actually seeing it (although, I can say I enjoyed doing it as a kid).

Well, wait no longer: video of a fish with a transparent head was just realeased by the National Geographic.

I want one.

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