A happy 200th to Darwin.

Well, since no one else has done it yet, I figured I should step in and wish Darwin a happy birthday (it’s his 200th). A couple of things you can do to celebrate.

1. Check out Dawkins’ talk when he was here a few months back. He did a great job, although it’s one of those talks that is more entertaining (he’s quite funny at times) than about changing minds.

2. Come check out the “Bake a Cake for Darwin” contest, to be held at the Michael Smith Building’s main floor from 2pm to about 5pm today.

3. Go read a silly humour piece I wrote for McSweeney’s on “Ways Darwin could Jump the Shark.”

Otherwise, it’s a sunny day. Just go outside and get one with nature and revel in the awe and elegance that is evolutionary biology.

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