(2008) Conscious Learning in the Conceptual Economy: Allen Manser

Conscious learning for the conceptual economy: Allen Manser from terrytalks on Vimeo.

Name: Allen Manser

Talk Title: “Conscious learning for the cognitive economy.”

Notes: UBC Alumni (Sauder School of Business class of 2006).

Topic: Why formal education is no longer a means to an end and how a new appreciation for ideation, multiple intelligences, and passion are paramount to personal and professional success.

The talk will emphasize the importance of learning to live passionately and challenge the acceptance of mediocrity and indifference. This includes a need to actively reframe intelligence: taking a look at preconceptions on intelligence, understanding multiple intelligences, and understanding what is most important in the 21st century. In essense, the presentation will
support the need to ideate and apply creativity in all aspects of business and life.

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