What can $155,000 Buy You?

1) 150,000 packages of Cadbury mini eggs
2) Sarah Palin’s failed vice presidential wardrobe
3) 15,000 peoples’ lives in malaria ridden regions ($10 per mosquito net)
4) A cloned dog

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Dave Semeniuk spends hours locked up in his office, thinking about the role the oceans play in controlling global climate, and unique ways of studying it. He'd also like to shamelessly plug his art practice: davidsemeniuk.com

4 Responses to “What can $155,000 Buy You?”

  1. Stephanie

    “Amazingly the couple had the foresight to store samples of Sir Lancelot’s DNA five years ago in the hope that cloning technology would one day be readily available to those willing to pay…”

    now THAT’S weird.

  2. Phoebe

    That’s actually hilarious. I don’t know what more weird, the fact that they stored DNA samples of their dying puppy or the fact that dog’s name is SIR LANCELOT.

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