January 26, 6pm: James Randi – The Search for Chimera.


Jamil says:

The Science Undergraduate Society is proud to present James Randi as our Science Week 2009 Keynote speaker. Mr. Randi is a world renowned skeptic of the paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims, who, amongst many other achievements helped debunk “spoon benders” and faith healers such as Uri Geller and Peter Popoff, who have deceived the public for their personal gain. Mr. Randi’s tireless efforts to enforce rational scientific thinking over accepting the paranormal has been a thorn in the sides of those who try to deceive in the public in the name of the supernatural. For Science Week, Mr. Randi will be enlightening the audience by revealing and explaining the facts about “psychic spoon-bending,” “speaking to the dead,” and “mind-reading,” to name a few. Click here for his wiki page.

Details include:
When: Monday, 26 January, 6–7:30pm. Part of Science Week 2009!
Where: Woodward 2
Tickets: please click on corresponding link – students | others
Price: by donation, recommended donations at $2 students, $10 guests — all to UNICEF

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