Safety Blanket

litbonanza.jpgThe sky is the Earth’s safety blanket.

It wraps her; keeps her warm
A soft chill spills into an empty room
She wraps her blanky tighter, even though it’s torn
With innocent eyes she peers into a darkness; an emptiness
A child without her mother; a child lost
Tears well up in porcelain eyes
Soft blonde curls carelessly tossed.

She stands still as tears flow
But she is

She stares straight ahead into the darkness
As if she knows;
she knows –
She knows someone is coming

The air freezes
But her blanky keeps her warm
Her blanky keeps her warm
Her blanket keeps her warm.

And with a blackened fingernail,
She slits a hole
through the limp fabric.

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Justin, an eleventh grade sojourner, has had his poem submitted, unbeknownst to him, by his sister. When he finds out, he may be grateful. Hopefully.