Tis’ the Season for Dumpster Diving

Between weekly snow storms, daily melting, and nightly freezing, garbage trucks have yet to tred down many of the neglected and treacherous side streets and back alleys of Vancouver.  This past weekend, a friend and I decided to spread holiday cheer throughout my the West End by leaving the decapitated heads of snowpeople on the tops of stranded vehicles as belated holiday gifts.  Doing so, I came across enough discarded apartment decor to furnish a small shanty town.  Old television sets, futons, mattresses, ovens, and even a nice washer/dryer set were covered in heaps of snow, no doubt left out to dry in their snowy graves by their previous owners.  I can’t help but think Christmas and Boxing Day had something to do with all of this.  To all of you looking to get rid of your old furniture, why not donate it to those who can’t afford their own?  Christ, at least try and pawn it off on some poor college student via Craig’s list – you could at least recoup a few bucks while keeping your hunk of mercury filled technotrash out of our landfill (and watershed) for a few more years (you pricks).

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