I Present The Gingloo

To get everyone ramped up for BFAC2008 over the Christmas holidays, I thought I’d post photos of the gingerbread house I helped create this past weekend.  It might have been the snowstorm in Vancouver this weekend, or joyfully watching inept drivers slide down the hill on Thurlow street, crashing into parked cars, incoming traffic, and even your construction team (nearly), but we got to pondering about hazards of modern life.  During the planning stage (read: the bus ride to Superstore), my construction team decided to abandon contemporary building design and go with a “Simpler is Better” mantra.  So, without further adieu, I present the Gingloo:

Made entirely from frozen Antarctic gingerbread, the Gingloo was constructed by its penguin inhabitants (who are currently putting up decorations).  The large dome and low entrance helps to keep heat in the living quarters while cold air is trapped within the entrance way (wiki).  And yes, those are whale-pets swimming in their backyard.

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