Winners from the Writing Challenge!! (Season 3)

litbonanza.jpgWell, it took a while to formally announce this, but here are the winners to last season’s writing challenge. Check out the links, and see what sort of material the Terry site is always on the hunt for.

– – –

UBC Creative:

1st: “Little Hike” By Vania Chan

2nd: “When the Weight Comes Down” by Kai Sheffield

3rd: Observations / Reflections on Status Quo by Joyce Wong

– – –

UBC Non-Creative:

1st: “The Mythology – and Potential – of the Public Intellectual. Learning from Rachel Carson” by Kate Neville

2nd: Reduce, reuse, recycle, or chuck it in the garbage – Do we really know which is best? by Kaston Leung

3rd: The 8 year plight of foreign medics in Libya accused of intentionally infecting over 400 children with HIV and how the scientific community tried to help them. by Marissa Jitrakosol

– – –


1st: The Art of Science – The Science of Art? by J.J.S. Boyce

2nd: Saving the Environment by Ralph Gamelli

3rd: Floral Kaleidoscope by Kevin Russo

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