Creating the space to be human. Dr. James Orbinski – noon, Nov 7th, Chan Centre (Tickets now available)

Just a note to say that James Orbinski tickets are now available for pick up at the Chan Centre Box Office. Currently, tickets are limited to UBC students, staff, and faculty (please bring ID), and there is a limit to 2 per person. If you’re interested in getting a block of tickets, do contact me at (free general public tickets will be made available as of October 24th)

We ask only that picked-up tickets will actually be used, as every unused ticket represents an empty seat.

Details on the talk:
SPEAKER: Dr. James Orbinski
DATE: Nov 7th, 12noon (probably until ~1pm with 30 minutes after for Q&A)
VENUE: UBC Chan Centre
TITLE: Creating the space to be Human.

BTW, if it helps, James is an awesome speaker. Below is the promo for his talk and folks interested in setting up a booth in the foyer, please contact Chad Hyson at

Join Dr. James Orbinksi on his extraordinary journey around the world in a quest to discover how we can become more “human.”

Orbinski’s work with the most respected NGO in the world, Medecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders, has taken him to many crisis zones including Rwanda, Sudan, Afghanistan and the killing fields of the Congo. He has witnessed both appalling acts of man’s cruelty to man alongside the miracles of everyday acts of kindness.

Orbinski argues passionately that we must find a way to become more human in our increasingly small, global community. He promotes active and engaged citizenship, accountability for our actions and inactions, and the value of bearing witness and speaking out. He challenges audiences to consider what we permit ourselves, our community and our country to do when we keep quiet about atrocities, large or small.

Orbinski echoes the age old credo, “I am my brother’s keeper,” and urges audiences to take this statement to heart. Creating the space to be human begins with our own choices about who we want to be and how we will treat others.

What choice will you make?

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  1. TERRY TALKS » Click here for registration and other details.

    […] The UBC Terry Project is also pleased to announce that tickets to Dr. James Orbinski (noon, Nov 7th, Chan Centre) are now available for picked up at the Chan Centre box office. Tickets are free (2 per person limit) for UBC students, staff and faculty (please bring ID) – general public access to free tickets will begin on October 24th. For more details on the talk and on Dr. Orbinski, please click here. […]

  2. Shehneen Dhamani

    Hi there,

    could i get a block of 20 tickets for the UBC Jump Start Program?


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