Canadian Citizens: Vote for the American

Recently polled Canadians were given a choice between our PM candidates and the US presidential candidates to run Canada, and who did the respondents favour?  From CTV:

The bi-national survey, conducted by the Strategic Counsel for CTV and The Globe and Mail, showed that here in Canada, Obama was more admired than Prime Minister Stephen Harper — or any other national leader.

Here are the full results:

  • Barack Obama: 26 per cent
  • Stephen Harper: 21 per cent
  • Hillary Clinton: 16 per cent
  • Jack Layton: 9 per cent
  • Gilles Duceppe: 6 per cent
  • Stephane Dion: 5 per cent
  • John McCain: 3 per cent

Do you think this is a sign of poitical restlessness among Canadians?  I can to admit to feeling like I’m picking the lesser of two evils (that is, if I don’t throw my vote away, if such a thing exists).  Perhaps Obama’s campaign is having a significant affect on Canadians.  I know I’ve been personally touched by the Obama fervour occuring south of the border.  Recently, an avid Obama supporter whipped out a bona fide Obama stamp and insisted she stamp something of mine.  I gave her my notebook:

This was a month ago.  I use this thing as my organizer, so every morning and every few hours after that, I nd up staring down at a mirror image of Obama and think to myself, “He is way more handsome than any of the Canadian candidates.”

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