Sheldon Solomon – Freddy Wood, 2pm, Oct 9th

So it’s not often that someone can “guarantee” anything, but I’ve had two individuals take the effort to tell me that an upcoming talk here at UBC is one that could quite possibly “be the best talk you’ll ever hear” or “will change your life.

Strong words indeed, if not for the fact that the sources happen to be opinions I trust. Anyway, who are we talking about? Well, we’re talking about a Sheldon Solomon.

His academic credentials essentially revolve around something called Terror Management Theory which wiki succinctly describes:

It looks at what researchers claim to be the implicit emotional reactions of people when confronted with the psychological terror of knowing we will eventually die (it is widely believed that our awareness of mortality is a trait that is unique to humans).

The entire wiki entry is actually pretty fascinating (especially for one like myself, pretty much ignorant in the area of psychology), so I’m guessing this talk will be just as interesting.

And if that hasn’t convinced you of turning out, check out this promo video for a documentary that Dr. Solomon figures prominently in.

Cool huh?

Anyway, this talk is free, and at the always lovely Freddy Wood Theatre, Oct 9th, 2pm. More details can be found here.

(Oh yeah, and we’re trying to get this one filmed in case you can’t make it)

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