Upcoming UBC Talk: Carbon Storage

Wed Sep 17 12:00 PM 
Venue: Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory, Room 120, 2202 Main Mall 

Mike Celia, Professor of Civil Engineering, Princeton University
Title: Geological Storage as a Carbon Mitigation Option

Princeton civil engineering professor Mike Celia will be giving a talk this Wednesday titled, “Geological Storage as a Carbon Mitigation Option”.

For any of you unfamiliar with this material, a proposed climate change mitigation strategy involves physically/chemically removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and putting it into long term storage (wikipedia has this to say about it).  

Interestingly, nearly all of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by humans originated from long term storage reservoirs – coal, oil and natural gas stored deep within the Earth’s crust.  The question now is whether we can put it back (for a chemical solution covered on Terry*, see Joanne’s post here).

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