Good news for Science students! (plus a great UBC talk on September 18th)

It is common belief that there are only two feasible jobs for a science graduate: a teacher, or a researcher. Well, this weekend I found another job possibility for science students.

I was surfing the net and stumbled upon the Canadian Space Agency website. They just had the National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign and were looking for two prospective astronauts to train for a mission to the International Space Station. I had a look at the criteria expected for applications and to my surprise the only education requirement was a bachelor’s degree in science!

Unfortunately the campaign is now over, but if this excites you and you are itching to go to outer space, I have the perfect thing to feed your appetite until the next campaign …

Jaymie Matthews from the UBC department of Physics and Astronomy will be speaking about his involvement with the Canadian Space Agency on Thursday, September 18th at 12:30 in Wood Theatre 5. Everyone is welcome! I’ve heard that he is an amazing speaker that should not be missed!

I’ve also heard that there will be oreos for everyone who attends…  

If you are interested in attending more lectures like this check out the Adventures in Science website. We will be hosting a different speaker every two weeks, so bring all your friends with you and learn something new!

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