Interesting Vancouver – October 24th

Brett MacFarlane over at Think Small has a great event coming up called “Interesting Vancouver.” In many ways, it’s quite similar to our Terry talks, and by proxy the TED conference, but this one aims to focus on the local greatness here in our Vancouver community (and not just UBC specifically, as is the case with the Terry one). Like the others, think of it as time well spent with a number of interesting folks giving great talks, great folks in the audience, and then said great folks settling in for a drink or two afterwards.

Anyway, looks like things are moving along, and in lieu of the official website (it’s coming), Brett has done a series of posts over at his blog that fleshes out what it’s all about.

Best of all, he’s just opened up a special section for students specifically, so now is a good time to go check that out.

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