Introducing Adventures in Science!


When I finished my exams this April I was exhausted and uninspired when it came to my academic future. After a few weeks of brain bed rest my inner science geek took over once again. I ordered some non-fiction books from and I downloaded a slew of science podcasts to keep myself entertained (if you haven’t already discovered the glory of podcasts please indulge yourself).  After listening to the ‘Naked Scientist’ on my ipod, reading ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ and subscribing to Scientific American, I had added another option to my list of ever-increasing potential careers.  I would simply become a world-renowned scientist who traveled the world researching various things (these ‘things’ are currently TBD, but can be considered a moot point for now), speaking at conferences, writing best sellers and of course saving the world from self-destruction.  To get from A to B I’m thinking I could get a PhD specializing in nothing so that I can instead focus on learning everything…wish me luck.




After failing to attend David Suzuki’s lecture last year, and to my horrible disappointment realizing that I had missed Richard Dawkins, I decided that this year I have to take advantage of everything that happens on campus. [Enter AIS] After sharing my new goal with my friend, she told me about a seminar she was organizing on campus called Adventures in Science. At first I was just going to attend the bi-weekly lectures, but then I agreed to help organize them instead. I was soo excited about these speakers that I had to get in touch with Dave Ng to help me launch my blogging career. And now here I am!


We’re going to be hosting a different speaker every other week to come talk about their research and other very interesting things. So come out and join us! Check out our website to see who’s going to be speaking and when.  Our first speaker is Jaymie Matthews on September 18. NEXT WEEK! 


Stay tuned for more information.

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