I think it is really cool that we have freedom of speech and you chose to use it. I just wanted to point out that you make several statements with no evidence to back it up. First on all you said that Christians are name calling. Nowhere in this paragraph: The museum’s exhibits contain uncorroborated statements such as, “Scientist have no proof to back up their wild claims about *fundamentals of science! Fuck yea – point God!” Is there name calling. Neither did you say who said this. For all anybody knows, you made this up. As for another point you made, that humans did not walk along side dinosaurs, here is a link that shows clearly, human and dinosaur footprint in rock side by side. They say that the footprints are millions of years old. Which contradicts every other evolutionary scientist’s estimate, but it clearly shows both footprints together. http://humansarefree.com/2011/04/amazing-evidence-human-specie-is.html. There are other pieces of evidence from cave drawings and stove carvings that date back before the discovery of fossils. Remember, it still is the theory of evolution. Many evolutionary scientists will agree that fossil records do not prove evolution. Unless you can show a clear line between two fossils, they are just fossils. I hope you take this as constructive criticism, and would love to discuss this further with you.