A Trip to the Big Valley Creation Science Museum -or- You know, I don’t even care to finish this.

A little over a year ago, a 60,000 sq.ft. museum opened in Petersburg KY dedicated to the Judeo-Christian interpretation of the origins of humans, the universe, and everything. The final cost: a cool $27 million, complete with animatronic dinosaurs, the Garden of Eden, and a petting zoo (check out this article in Salon). There was, and had been, plenty of media attention paid to it. After all, it dwarves every other attempt to showcase creation science. According to the Washington Post, 1000s of people showed up to its grand opening in May of 2007.

Interestingly, a similar museum opened around the same time in Big Valley, Alberta – pop. 351. Although the content of the Big Valley Creation Science Museum (BVCSM) is similar to the one in (sans the moving, roaring electronic lizards), there was very little fanfare. In fact, what little attention was paid to it highlighted how little attention was paid to it (I managed to dig up a summary article on CTV here, a similar CBC summary, and this short piece from the Edmonton Sun)

I’ve been thinking about writing this article for some time now. I went from being excited to expel the unscientific myths being spewed by creation scientists to just feeling bad for these poor sods. They honestly believe that: a) what they’re doing is science; and b) they’re theories hold water. It is not, and they do not, and now I feel angry – angry that there are thousands of people believe that humans and dinosaurs walked side by side (although, if this were true, I’d like to think we weren’t idiotic enough to walk next to them). Now I feel sad for them again.

Oh, wait, here’s anger again. Hi anger!

The museum’s exhibits contain uncorroborated statements such as, “Scientist have no proof to back up their wild claims about *fundamentals of science! Fuck yea – point God!”

So what do God fearing people naive to the scientific process take away from this – that science is name calling?  I’ve gone through more of this rollercoastering than I care to deal with, so I’ve stopped thinking about it.

P.s. Apparently, Prince William and Harry are related to Adam and Eve – cool right? I’m totally marrying into that gig, that is, once the UK courts allow for it.


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