An Open Letter To Stephen Harper RE: Creative Arts Funding

Dear Prime Minister,

You suck (from the National Post):

The Conservatives are cancelling the $4.7-million PromArt program administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade because most of the money “went to groups that would raise the eyebrows of any typical Canadian,” said a government official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The move is sure to provoke a backlash in the cultural community, already angry at the federal Conservatives for tinkering with the funding criteria for other arts programs, most famously for pending legislation that would prohibit federal funding of films and television shows the government might find offensive.

Kind regards,

Dave Semeniuk

P.s. You have beady eyes, and I don’t mean “cute doll eyes” beady eyes, but rather eyes like a dark, vacant tunnel.  You have eyes like I imagine 18th century pirates to have, and I don’t mean the cool “Yo ho ho” Disney pirates, but instead the ones who raped and pillaged. I don’t like you.

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