Vote for UBC Farm

A message from our friends at the UBC Farm:
The Tyee is running a competition encouraging people to donate their “Campbell Cash” (100$ climate action dividend) to projects working to mitigate climate change and to vote for their favorite projects. The top five projects will get funding ($500) and some valuable profile raising.

It is important at this critical time for the future of the UBC Farm to get the word out about the value that Vancouver’s last working farm has for UBC, Vancouver, the region, and the province in terms of providing accessible, hands-on opportunities for innovative research, teaching and community programming aimed at reducing global climate change through creating a sustainable food system.

Please take a second to vote for the farm at:

If you do want to donate your Campbell Cash to the UBC Farm, you can send your donation to the following address: UBC Farm, 2357 Main Mall, UBC, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4.

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