Movie Turned Opera: The Fly -or- Egad! I hope Jeff Goldblum makes a cameo

Yes. The Fly. The “mutated mad scientist, Jeff Goldblum, hopping around a loft-turned-laboratory, spitting up stomach acids on to is food while his fingernails and unmentionables fall off his body” Fly. If you’re a David Cronenberg fan, or fan of the best science fiction-horror movies ever, I hope you’ve seen this film (trailer here). Reflecting on films like Existenz, Scanners, and Videodrome, Cronenberg has always been on top of the “have a healthy fear of technology” genre of film.

The opera is opening in Paris and LA in September, and Cronenberg is directing it. This quote is priceless:

“Someone’s 6-year-old said, after seeing one of our rehearsals, that she thought she would have to sleep with her parents for a while,” he told reporters. “So I guess it’s working.

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