It was critical mass day today -or- Get your two feet and a heart beat on a bicycle!

But so is every last Friday of the month. What made tonight special (either than the fact that my apartment building was on their route) is the sheer volume of bicycle riders present – all of whom, in some way or another, want to raise awareness of bicycling in the city. June is, after all, Bicycle month in our fair city, so why not celebrate it on two wheels? From the event’s website:

Take public to the streets, by all means except the motor
We are the world that we imagine, and our vision can be made real
The Age of the Bicycle will be upon us!
as we move Towards Carfree Cities.
The choice is Live Free or Drive,
We choose to ride en mass!

As I was leaving my apartment to support our local arts (and have a pint or two), I heard honks and cheering from afar. “Wait…I know that sound…it’s June…bike parade!” I ran and grabbed my camera, and after fumbling around for my memory stick, I managed to get in a few decent shots (including the one above of the tail end of the pack):

The very tail end of the pack.

Although motor vehicles are strictly banned for participants, police officers patrol on motorcycle (although I did see police on bicycles as well).

Now, I just know at least a couple of the ASIC course alumni were in the pack. So, were you?

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