Games to play at sea while waiting out a gale.

Technology is a w e s o m e.So, we’re somewhere around here. We’ve encountered some terrible weather. What’s terrible weather on a ship, you ask? Well, if in a few seconds, you go from seeing only water to only air outside your cabin’s porthole, that’s a pretty good indication to stay indoors my friend. Anyways, for all of you virginal ocean dwellers, here are a few games we’ve been playing on board to pass the time as we slug our way forward to Station P.

Game 1: In n’ Out

  • Purpose: a game of will, one counts the number of times you throw up in your mouth while working (either the most of the least counts can be deemed desirable)
  • Winners: those nearest the participants
  • Losers: those nearest the participants

Game 2: Suds in the tubs

  • Purpose: akin to a staring contest; wait out your bunkmate to see how long either of you can pretend to be asleep as the shower door slams against the adjacent wall all night
  • Winner: the freakish individuals who are actually capable of sleeping through this shit.
  • Loser: me.

Game 3: Sleep and eat

  • Purpose: one attempts to spend as little time as possible doing anything either than sleeping and eating. Successful participants will spend no more than 2-3 hours out of bed in a given day.
  • Winner: the dude with 24h bed head
  • Loser: the dude with 24h bed head’s stomach

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