The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

With your help, this could become a reality soon.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is envisioned to be a national and international destination — a centre of learning and history where Canadians and people from other countries can engage in dialogue and commit to taking action to combat the forces of hate and oppression.

Located in Winnipeg, at the cross roads of Canada, this museum is envisioned to be the largest human rights centre in the world, with a special focus on equipping and educating young people to become human rights leaders and advocates.

I am so, so tempted to make jokes about its potential exhibits. I know, it’s so terrible of me but I can’t help it. First off, the future location of the museum (which is still in its negotiating stages in terms of planning and fundraising), is in MANITOBA. No offense to all you mid-province lovers. There’s plenty of development going on there and Winnipeg is poised to become the next Calgary, but as a spoiled urban person, I wouldn’t even consider going for the life of me. Ugh. Winnipeg. Good luck drawing an international visitor crowd. The other funny thing is that the Harper government initiated the project, slapping down $200 million as a down payment. I don’t exactly associate or remember Harper and his administration being big on human rights. Yes, it’s a pillar of Canada’s foreign policy traditionally, part of our Canadian values and interests blah blah, but it’s been out of sight, out of mind for awhile since Harper came into power. And among the list of supporters, where are you Lloyd?! I need to do more in-depth research on this because there hasn’t been that much media coverage about it (or perhaps I haven’t been paying enough attention). The site just popped up on an advertisement on the side when I was doing some random browsing about the Pussycat Dolls Present Girlicious — yes I’ve spent 4 years in school and I deserve to rot my brains out with this show now that I’ve graduated.

Apparently Canadians want this museum bad.

Anyway, donate today! — Maybe we’ll name it after Glyn Berry too. And pray to dear heavens above it won’t meet the same fate as Gastown’s Storyeum.

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Vivian is always a proud Hong Konger but true to Vancouver at heart. She has just about three months left at UBC and intends on making the best out of it. Besides International Relations and French, she mostly busies herself with traveling, food and everything about it. Be her e-Friend, s'il vous plait.

3 Responses to “The Canadian Museum for Human Rights”

  1. Hayles

    Museum is neat. Wondering where you get your info on Harper and human rights though.

    Specifically, have you read about any of his meetings with the Chinese government at APEC, etc.? Care to speculate why the torch isn’t making a run through Vancouver, the first time in history that the Olympic torch will not be passing through the next Olympic city.

    Here, I’ll get you started. Think what you like about the rest of his politics.

  2. Vivian

    I don’t know, I guess my BA in International Relations and China Studies, plus the fact that I worked full-time in a museum-setting for year just ain’t enough to form a valid opinion. I questioned the project because it’s such a juxtaposition, a real contrast between what is portrayed, said, and being done within our administration. Sustainability is also an issue. That’s why Winnipeg was such an odd choice in my opinion. It’s already extremely difficult to keep operations open all year long in somewhere like Vancouver, which draws an international tourist crowd seasonally. Having an museum orientated both to Canadians and an international crowd in Winnipeg is going to be a huge challenge in terms of drawing visitors.

  3. Vivian

    Re: Olympic torch not passing through Vancouver – huh? There’s no tradition or protocol dictating that future or past host cities should be included in the torch relay. Yes, Beijing-Ottawa relations have been frosty (and yes, perhaps over disagreements over human rights issues) but it’s highly unlikely that China is bold enough to snub Canada like that. There’s nothing in it for them.

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