Super-branding Hits Academia

litbonanza.jpgMusic Appreciation, now with an Apple iPod!

Honors Geometry, now with a Rubik’s Cube!

Film Appreciation, now with an Apple iPod!

General Metabolism, now with Power Bars!

Introductory Anatomy, now with Barbie and Ken dolls!

Advanced French Literature, now with Starbuck’s espresso and Marlboro Light cigarettes!

Introduction to Underwater Basketweaving, now with Visine eye drops!

Introduction to Forestry Management, now with Marlboro Light cigarettes!

Introduction to Western Civilization, now with a Guns and Roses Greatest Hits CD Boxed Set

Physical Chemistry, now with Depends adult diapers!

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Vince LiCata is a biochemist in the Department of Biological Sciences at the Louisiana State University. His laboratory studies protein structure and function. He owns two Britney Spears CDs, but one of them is an illegal copy given to him by one of his students. He routinely gives out more than 25% A’s in his General Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry courses, yet is considered a hard-ass. He is reasonably sure that if Britney Spears got in a fight with Jessica Simpson, that BS would crack JS like a little twig.

3 Responses to “Super-branding Hits Academia”

  1. Scott

    Please don’t post any more junk like this to what is becoming a very informative site. Thanks.

  2. jenjen

    That’s a little harsh Scott. Are you saying that something as subjective as humor (or in this case, satire) has no place in how to communicate ideas?

    Just saying “junk” to you is “message delivered” to others.

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