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If you don’t know about Yang Liu already, read s’more here on her website. I’m keeping my eyes out for more of her work ever since I saw the “East Meets West” exhibit online (navigate: “Special”, then “Ost rifft West”). It’s been awhile since I related to art like this. I’ve always been artistically challenge, the type to stand in front of paintings in the Louvre and go “heh, I TOTALLY could’ve done this myself” or “huh?”. Yang Liu’s work is very clever and you’ll immediately smile at the not-so-subtle differences between the two cultures.

The exhibit is

an open-air, infographically inspired exhibition that aims to illustrate some (humorous) differences between German & Chinese people, or the Eastern versus Western culture. some of the iconographic depict contrasts such as Coke vs tea, waking over a spot versus around it, eating sticks versus cutlery & seeing with your eye versus with a camera

(via infosthetics)

Not sure if you can read the small title text, but on the right is red representing Chinese culture and the blue is German. 意見 translated means “view, opinion”. I think the German word means more or less the same thing. I had a good laugh at this one because it’s so, so true. Being ever so polite, Chinese generally will take about 10 minutes to disagree with you but sounding like they agree but really don’t. What do you think?

(Her website actually doesn’t have the prints but der Spiegel has a set online. Good luck navigating through the German)

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