“Tyger”: a beautifully visual short film with environmental overtones.

Recently, I picked up a copy of the latest 3×3 Annual (No. 4 to be exact), and was perusing through the great artwork that it compiles. Here the entries (about 250 pages worth) are essentially on display via a competition format, but if looking at a wonderful array of graphics is your kind of thing, then this kind of publication can’t help but be a treat.


Anyway, one of things I had a chance to look at this morning, was their animation category, which is presented in full here. The winner entry entitled “Tyger” is just luscious to watch, and definitely has some strong environmental overtones. I’ve put it below the fold, if you’re curious in checking it out yourself.

Title: Tyger
Illustrator: Samuel Casal
Puppeteers: Cia. Stromboli
Animator: Birdo Studio
Writers: Guilherme Marcondes, Andrezza Valetin
Sound Design: Paulo Beto
Music: Zeroum
Producer: Guilherme Marcondes
Client: Cultura Inglesa Festival

Anyway, pretty eh? Any thoughts on what exactly the tiger might represent?

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2 Responses to ““Tyger”: a beautifully visual short film with environmental overtones.”

  1. pablo neruda

    I think it is referring to my poem:

    “The Tiger”
    By Pablo Neruda

    I am the tiger.
    I lie in wait for you among leaves
    broad as ingots
    of wet mineral.

    The white river grows
    beneath the fog. You come.

    Naked you submerge.
    I wait.

    Then in a leap
    of fire, blood, teeth,
    with a claw slash I tear away
    your bosom, your hips.

    I drink your blood, I break
    your limbs one by one.

    And I remain watching
    for years in the forest
    over your bones, your ashes,
    motionless, far
    from hatred and anger,
    disarmed in your death,
    crossed by lianas,
    motionless in the rain,
    relentless sentinel
    of my murderous love.

  2. Elizabeth

    I saw this on PBS On a show called “Short films” I watched this program with my father and i told my mother about it i also told her i did not know what it meant and it was really strange! So she thought about it and then told me the following: Maybe its that those strange huge men that was taking down the forest, and then the tiger made them his servants and then he want into the suburban area, and made city life into the rain forest! But, heres the thing none of my parents knew if ether the town was really small,or the tiger was a giant! My mom didn’t see it, so i thank you for the video!

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