Undergraduate Science Researchers – Here’s Your Chance to Present Your Work to a National Audience

I don’t think this has received enough attention, so here goes.

RSR banner

The first Rising Stars of Research poster competition, a national undergraduate research symposium, is being held at UBC from August 21-23. The gist is, you get to show off your mad-science-skills to undergraduates from around Canada, and compete for the top spot – that is, as long as you fit the criteria.

Anyone who participated in the MURConference knows these sort of events are an excellent experience in of themselves, never mind all the free food. But, that’s not all, because the top 50 selected participants of RSR will will have their expenses – accommodation and travel – fully paid for. I’m jealous.

In order to qualify for the RSR, you must have completed research in one of these areas, meet these criteria, and complete this online application by May 30.

For more information, check out http://www.risingstars.ubc.ca/

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