The 10m Diet – An Update, and a Plea for Your Photos!

So, I have things that grow on my windowsill:

Arugula week 1

It’s been a full week since I began my personal 10m diet – a plan to grow things in my apartment, and then eat them like a cannibalistic mother tending to its spider pups (I’m even confused by this ridiculous metaphor). The arugula is looking much better than when I first planted it last week (link here) – although, I think it is supposed to look like a weed. Two side branches have spawned from the main root, and I’ve already picked a half dozen of the long, scraggly leaves for consumption. The chicory is doing amazing, and looks like lettuce; I’ve already eaten 12 large leaves of it, with plenty more soon to be picked:

chicory week 1

I haven’t mustered the gumption to even try the radicchio, perhaps because the word itself sounds close to “radish”, or perhaps because it looks like a under-ripened fruit-flower of sorts:

Radicchio week 1

Anyways, it sounds like a number of you have taken similar steps towards obtaining a more sustainable source of food stuffs. So, why not make an event of it?

Send photos of your own 10m diet gardens into me as they sprout, and I will post them as the group grows large enough (email me here); include your name (or some crafty, garden related pseudonym), and what exactly it is we’re supposed to be seeing (for all you non-green thumbs, including myself).

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