VPL: Pro-China Protesters Support Non-Violence in Tibet

vpl tibet protest

Protesters are at it again this weekend at the Vancouver Public Library. This week, a rather large group (~200) of pro-China protesters gathered at the Northwest entrance, wearing white t-shirts with “Anti Riot and Explore The Truth” on their backs, and held the banners, “Human rights≠ riots” and “Stop media distortion”. They chanted both politically charged and altruisitic slogans, including “We love China, we love Tibet”, “We want justice”, “We want truth”, “Stop violence”, and “Stop media distortion”. A poor quality video I took with my camera phone can be seen here.

The protest comes one week after Tibetan protesters burned Chinese flags and chanted in front of the Chinese consulate (source).

Edit: There was a similar protest in Toronto this afternoon as well.  From Alfred Ng, reporting on NowPublic:

Unusual in many ways because it was to support China for what’s happening in Tibet, also unusual because Chinese Canadian are not known for public demonstration to support the country they left for freedom. Unlike other protests such as in 1989 when Chinese Canadian were to protest the Tiananmen Square Massacre when Chinese protesters were killed by the Chinese Army in Tiananmen Square.

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