Join Me in the 10m Diet!

So, I bought some lettuce this morning:

 lettuce planter
Starting from the left, we have radicchio, chicory, and the sad looking plant on the right?  That’s arugula.  All will (hopefully) grow on my balcony over the summer, and provide some zest to a boring leaf lettuce salad.

You can’t get much more local than that (is the soil local? No. Probably not. And yes.  I’m lazy, and didn’t start them from seed – I didn’t want to push my luck)

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8 Responses to “Join Me in the 10m Diet!”

  1. Maayan

    I planted the first part of my garden this weekend too!! peas, spinach, radishes, and beets. Couldn’t find lettuce seeds so that’s next week.

    Good luck with your 10 meter diet!!

  2. mooks

    Me too! I have a tiny tiny window box/ balcony, and I already had parsley and lavender (won’t eat the lavender though…). I just started tomatoes, spinach, oregano, basil and strawberries from seeds. The strawberries and tomatoes worked wonders last year, so hopefully it will all work this year!

  3. Vinci Au

    Fresh produce right outside your door! Yay! Growing plants makes you feel like a proud parent… that occasionally eats their kids. Does anyone know who I can run to for gardening advice? My enthusiastic green thumb is cursed.

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