Realities of Race-this week at UBC!

UBC Realities of Race is a week long series of events, which takes place annually at UBC during the week of March 21st, the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Realities of Race seeks to heighten the awareness of racism among UBC faculty, staff, students and the wider community by providing a space to critically analyze both global and local issues.

This year’s theme is “Intersecting Oppressions, Uniting Resistance,” and focuses on the multiple forms of oppression that can occur alongside racism, and on celebrating the many ways that these oppressions are resisted.

Events include various free workshops and panel discussions, from Anti-Racism training, to examining the racialization of poverty, to investigating the use of First Nations symbols on campus. The Community Dialogue to End Racism brings the university community together to discuss institutional racism and how we can work together to end discrimination.

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