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Peeple, peeple! That’s what I’m talking about! This is exactly the type of thing that I go gaga over and Washington Post has successfully done it. I now love the paper and its writers.

Read here first about the first annual Washington Post Peeps Show Diorama Contest. I don’t think the writers were expecting much of a turnout. But when they received over 350 entries… seems like marshmallow has come a long way. Do you know what Peeps are? (Probably not a good idea to google ‘peeps show’) They’re ridiculous I tell you – ridiculously CUTE. Apparently the company makes these delectables too for other occasions but nothing compares to the bright pink and yellow bunnies and chicks. Upon Easter, they start filling supermarkets, noticeably at the check-out aisles and stocked up high on shelves. They actually look so artificial that I’m afraid if I eat one, I’ll turn pink too inside.

Anyway, here is the winning entry:

“Peeps Are a Girl’s Best Friend”

The rest of the runner-ups can be viewed here.
(Picture from

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