Climatology Isn’t Funny. It’s not.

It really isn’t. I’ve looked for it – that little gem of truth no one saw, or could see. There’s nothing to see, see? It’s just science and politics.  The politics angle?

It isn’t funny.

Cartoonists haven’t made fun of climatology or climate scientists either.  They usually just feel bad for them.  Or maybe mock the situation.  They never touch the science.  That wouldn’t be the least bit cute.  I think I know why:

  • Climate scientists ride their bikes to work.  All you can think is, “I hope they don’t get hit by a car on their way to work. Climate scientists have families too.”
  • Climate scientists don’t rent, they own.
  • Climate scientists are cool with yoga, but would never take a class.
  • Climate scientists only use the minimum required amount of toilet paper to get the job done: waste not, want not.
  • Climate scientists know how to let loose.
  • Climate scientists have impeccable grammar and spelling.
  • Climate scientists never make use of the “double barreled finger shoot” salute.
  • Climate scientists are mostly closet atheists.
  • Climate scientists like to party, but never hearty, and only sometimes.

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Dave Semeniuk spends hours locked up in his office, thinking about the role the oceans play in controlling global climate, and unique ways of studying it. He'd also like to shamelessly plug his art practice:

3 Responses to “Climatology Isn’t Funny. It’s not.”

  1. Josh Zukewich

    I don’t know, I suspect everything is a bit funny, even if it is simultaneously unveiling the most pathetic aspects of human nature. This is just a life stance though, and no one needs to agree with me.

    However, I can agree that climatology is at least serious.

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