UBC International Week-Feature Documentary: Mystic Ball, with filmmaker Greg Hamilton

I was reviewing the International Week schedule this morning and came across the featured documentary Mystic Ball. From the short description I was intrigued to learn more about Chinlone, the traditional sport of Myanmar (Burma), I have included a Chinlone highlight reel below. As someone who grew up juggling a soccer ball and goofing around with a hacky sack, I have a real appreciation for just how difficult this sport is, I look forward to checking out this film to learn more.

Event Details
Location: Norm Theatre, SUB
Date: Monday, February 25
Time: 6:00–7:00 pm (reception) and 7:00 pm (film with Q & A to follow)
Cost: $3.50

Award-winning Mystic Ball follows Greg Hamilton deep into the culture of chinlone, Burma/Myanmar’s traditional sport. Over 1,500 years old, chinlone is unknown to the world outside of Burma/Myanmar. It is non-competitive yet as demanding as the most competitive ball games. Mystic Ball follows the filmmaker on his visits to Burma/Myanmar as he evolves from an awkward beginner to a capable teammate, able to solo with the greatest chinlone players in the country. Eight years in the making, the film introduces you to the sport and engages you in a mesmerizing story of the happiness and fulfillment that comes from following your passions.Advance tickets will be sold at International House throughout February.

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