Davekystan? Davedonia? Daveland? Italy?

questionable italy

All last week’s talk about international policy on climate change in ASIC reminded me of an early Simpsons episode in which Homer promised Lisa that he would help her create a Florida costume for her class State pageant (that is, after Marge bails on Lisa after becoming addicted to gambling).

If you could be a country (or past empire) either than the one you currently live in, which one would you choose and why? What qualities about  the place you live are most important to you?

On an entirely superficial basis, I think I’d be Italy (sans WWII) – pasta? wine? cheese? grapes? beautiful women? espresso? tiramisu? resembling a boot? having a town that runs 100% off of alternative energy? previous heart of the Roman empire? Galileo? Fermi? Vesuvius? Ars longa vita brevis?

What more could you ask for!*

*magic, resembling a pair of boots, Einstein, St. Helens, modus ponens

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